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  • Mailing address
  • SN Cast Iron B.V.
  • Gendringseweg 2
  • 7076 BC Varsselder
  • The Netherlands

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  • F.B. Deurvorststraat 43
  • 7071 BG Ulft
  • tel: 0031(0)614883735

Welcome to the website of SN Cast Iron

Stef Nas
Stef Nas
Stef Nas, Managing Director of SN Cast Iron, represents 25 years of practical and theoretical experience in steel and iron castings for the on - and offshore, dredging, wind force energy, mining, cement, machine construction and metal industries.
This variable expertise enables SN Cast Iron to serve a wide range of clients. It also offers clients the opportunity to meet their requirements by dealing with just one company in many cases.

SN Cast Iron has a very wide range of castings, from 1 to 200.000 kg and they take care of the complete engineering of the product to completion. We hope to give you a good insight on this website our capabilities.

What can we do for you in cast iron, steel castings, forgings and other cast metals:

  • Castings from 1 to 200.000 kg
  • Rod material in iron, brass, aluminum, copper, bronze and steel
  • Cast iron EN-GJS to DIN / EN1561 (GG 20, 25 and 30)
  • Cast iron EN-GJL to DIN / EN1563 (GGG 35, 40, 40.3, 50, 60, 70 and 80)
  • ADI cast iron to DIN / EN1564 with HB to 480 possible (ADI 800 to 1400)
  • Special cast iron such as Ni-Resist (seawater resistant)
  • Centrifugal castings (horizontal up to diameter 800mm and 6000mm length)
  • Centrifugal castings (vertical up to diameter 1700mm and 2000mm height)
  • Machining
  • The iron / steel to give a heat treatment
  • Lost Foam production line
  • Spraying / painting of castings by color
  • Engineering
  • Measurement report
  • Delivery of mold / model
  • Fast delivery and high quality
  • And much more

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