Research & Development

Thanks to the close cooperation with our customers and owing to our experience of many years in development projects in the industrial engineering, we are able to stand side-by-side with our clients offering them an innovative and competent coaching. The constant progress in the development of castings components and production technologies enable us to satisfy the specific demands of our clients. Starting with the product planning until reaching the technically mature realization we maintain a permanent and open communication aiming to master the steadily increasing challenges of the market.

Through our know-how and the cooperation with clients and suppliers, we guarantee the best possible assistance and execution of product requests.
We are always ready to face new challenges and very much appreciate that opportunity.

A high quality is self-evident for SN cast iron.

Our internal structure highly regards the maximum attention. Each one of our employees is responsible for our quality. We put great emphasis in motivation and personal responsibility. Teamwork and pleasure in working are key means to our success. Furthermore, the exclusive use of premium raw materials and our production prosess guarantee a perfect product quality.

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